GECKO S2 Scientific Course

On March 21th and 22nd, UNIFI hosted the S2 Scientific Course of the GECKO project, titled “Isogeometric methods employing spline representations and adaptive methods”. The course was co-organized by UNIPV and UNIFI and provided participants with an immersive exploration of cutting-edge computational analysis.

Through engaging sessions covering numerical analysis, hierarchical splines, adaptive methods, multipatch constructions, LR-splines, and advanced applications, attendees were empowered to delve into the transformative potential of isogeometric methods. Led by renowned experts, including Giancarlo Sangalli (UNIPV), Alessandro Reali (UNIPV), Carlotta Giannelli (UNIFI), Hugo Vehrelst (UNIFI), Cesare Bracco (UNIFI) and Francesco Patrizi (UNIFI), this interdisciplinary course served as a perfect platform for knowledge exchange, equipping participants with the tools and insights to push the boundaries of scientific inquiry in computational analysis.