GECKO Transversal Skills Training: Entrepreneurship, technology transfer & valorization

  • Date: Monday 29th, January
  • Location: CIMNE (Gran Capità s/n, Campus North UPC Build C1, floor 2, room OCZ)

Last January 29th, CIMNE-CERCA hosted a comprehensive training course under the umbrella of the GECKO project, tailored specifically for the Doctoral Candidates involved in the project. Aimed at enhancing their transferable skills, the course covered various facets of technology transfer and intellectual property management, equipping participants with essential knowledge and tools to navigate the interface of academia and industry.

Led by expert trainers Javier Marcipar, Jordi Jiménez, and Jazmín Ríos from CIMNE-CERCA’s TechTransfer Unit, alongside Malcolm Bain from the consultancy Across Legal, the course provided a unique opportunity for Doctoral Candidates to expand their skill set beyond the confines of academic research. Through a series of interactive sessions, participants gained practical insights and hands-on experience in key areas vital for their professional development.

The training not only offered theoretical knowledge but also emphasized practical application, enabling doctoral candidates to develop tangible skills relevant to their future careers. From understanding the fundamentals of technology transfer to mastering the art of pitching ideas effectively, participants emerged from the course equipped with the confidence and expertise needed to thrive in the competitive landscape of innovation and entrepreneurship. Overall, the training served as a catalyst for empowering doctoral candidates to become versatile professionals capable of driving impactful change in both academic and commercial spheres.

The video recording of the training course is now available for viewing to anyone interested.