DC1 CFD techniques for IBRA-type discretizations (CIMNE-CERCA, Spain) –> Closed

DC2 IBRA-type discretizations in computational solid Mechanics (CIMNE-CERCA, Spain) –> Closed

DC3 Application of IBRA-type discretizations in implicit contact mechanics (CIMNE-CERCA, Spain) –> Closed

DC4 Co-simulation strategies involving IBRA for solution of multi-field problems (TUBS, Germany) –> Closed

DC5 Large deformation structural elements (beams and shells) modelled with IBRA, including trimming and multiple coupled patches (TUBS, Germany) –> Closed

DC6 Mathematical tools for immersed IGA (UNIPV, Italy) –> Closed

DC7 Complex Constitutive modelling for immersed and shell discretizations (UNIPV, Italy) –> Closed

DC8 Efficient unbounded acoustic analysis starting from CAD (KU LEUVEN, Belgium)

DC9 Model Order Reduction of coupled vibro-acoustic systems (KU LEUVEN, Belgium) –> Closed

DC10 Implementation of IGA in the design and analysis workflow of machine elements and systems (AUTH, Greece)