Welcome to GECKO’s PhD Pitches series, where our Doctoral Candidates present their research objectives, motivations, and ultimate goals in concise and engaging elevator pitches. These presentations serve as insightful glimpses into the innovative projects our DCs are pursuing within the GECKO project. Designed as teaser content, the PhD Pitches aim to ignite interest and foster increased public engagement on both the GECKO website and our social media platforms.

Each pitch encapsulates the essence of the DC’s research journey, highlighting the impact and relevance of their work in bridging the gap between Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and computational models (CAE). Whether you’re a fellow researcher, industry professional, or simply curious about cutting-edge advancements in computational engineering, our PhD Pitches provide a unique opportunity to explore the forefront of isogeometric analysis and its applications.

Join us in discovering the future of computational methodologies through the perspectives of our talented Doctoral Candidates. Watch, share, and engage with their compelling stories and visions for transformative research within the GECKO project.

DC1 – Nicolò Antonelli

Meet DC1 – Nicolò Antonelli, one of the talented Doctoral Candidates in the GECKO project. Nicolò’s research focuses on CFD Techniques for IBRA-Type Discretizations. In his PhD pitch, Nicolò shares his motivations, research objectives, and the potential impact of his work in enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of CFD simulations. Join Nicolò as he explores the intricacies of his innovative research within the GECKO project.