JAN 9, 2024 | GECKO First Technical Workshop

  • Date: Tuesday 9th, January
  • Location: Virual
  • Agenda

On January 9th GECKO project celebrated its first technical workshop. GECKO Doctoral Candidates explained their scientific advancement in their individual research projects. Their aim is to bridge the existing gap between the CAD and the computational models (CAE) in collaboration with industries. The overall outcome will be to enhance the open source tools and operational workflow so that it can effectively complement commercial based approaches. Another important objective is to empower and generalize the capabilities of the IBRA methodology when using complex non-linear models (Solvers) in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Computational Solid Mechanics (CSM), acoustics, vibro-acoustics, Reduced Order Models (RoM) and surface mapping. They are just at the beginning of their research, but the commitment and energy they release drive us to imaging the incredible work they are going to perform.

Watch the video and presentations and enjoy!