MAR 19-22, 2024 | GECKO Mid-term check Meeting, 2nd Technical Workshop & S2 Scientific Course

Located in the beautiful city of Florence, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science “Ulisse Dini” at the University of Florence (UNIFI) was the perfect place for hosting the Mid-Term Check Meeting, followed by the 2nd GECKO Technical Workshop and the S2 Scientific Course. This setup allowed us to come together and work closely on the project in a comfortable and conducive environment.

The Mid-Term Check Meeting served as a pivotal milestone in the GECKO project and showcased the dedication and expertise of the Principal Scientists and Doctoral Candidates (DCs). Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of research in IGA-type discretization workflows was evident throughout the meeting. The collaborative atmosphere in Florence fostered rich discussions and valuable insights sharing, reinforcing our collective vision for the project’s success. The GECKO project is progressing as planned as we look ahead, maintaining the momentum and looking forward to the next project events.

During the 2nd GECKO Technical Workshop, the Doctoral Candidates offered comprehensive updates on their progress since the previous session, while Senior Researchers from GECKO project delivered enlightening presentations on advanced GECKO-related topics. This interactive format fostered robust knowledge exchange and collaboration among participants, significantly contributing to the project’s forward momentum.

Additionally, the S2 Scientific Course, titled “Isogeometric methods employing spline representations and adaptive methods” co-organized by UNIPV and UNIFI provided participants with an immersive exploration of cutting-edge computational analysis. Through engaging sessions covering numerical analysis, hierarchical splines, adaptive methods, multipatch constructions, LR-splines, and advanced applications, attendees were empowered to delve into the transformative potential of isogeometric methods. Led by renowned experts, this interdisciplinary course served as a perfect platform for knowledge exchange, equipping participants with the tools and insights to push the boundaries of scientific inquiry in computational analysis.

JAN 9, 2024 | GECKO First Technical Workshop

  • Date: Tuesday 9th, January
  • Location: Virual
  • Agenda

On January 9th GECKO project celebrated its first technical workshop. GECKO Doctoral Candidates explained their scientific advancement in their individual research projects. Their aim is to bridge the existing gap between the CAD and the computational models (CAE) in collaboration with industries. The overall outcome will be to enhance the open source tools and operational workflow so that it can effectively complement commercial based approaches. Another important objective is to empower and generalize the capabilities of the IBRA methodology when using complex non-linear models (Solvers) in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Computational Solid Mechanics (CSM), acoustics, vibro-acoustics, Reduced Order Models (RoM) and surface mapping. They are just at the beginning of their research, but the commitment and energy they release drive us to imaging the incredible work they are going to perform.

Watch the video and presentations and enjoy!

NOV 10, 2023 | Online introduction meeting for the DCs & 3rd GECKO follow-up project meeting

  • Date: Friday 10th, November
  • Location: Virual
  • Agenda

On November 10th GECKO project celebrated an online meeting to meet the GECKO Doctoral Candidates! We were really happy to welcoming them to this exciting project, and we were delighted to heard them explaining their scientific background, individual research projects and personal interests. We are really sure that we have built an amazing team for this project. Below you can find the video recording of this event and the DCs presentations. The meeting started with a brief project introduction of the Scientific Coordinator, Riccardo Rossi from CIMNE, and continued with the presentation of the DCs and a short introduction of the supervisors, scientific staff and project managers of the project. The meeting ended with a review of the project status where the next steps of the project were planned.

Watch the video and presentations and enjoy!

JUL 3, 2023 | GECKO 2nd Meeting

  • Date: February 3rd, 2023
  • Location: Virtual
  • Agenda

On July 3rd GECKO project celebrated the second project meeting. The meeting was mainly focused on reviewing the status of the project and the recruitment process of the Doctoral Candidates, discussing organisational and operational aspects for the first network-wide training activities and technical workshops of the project. We also discussed the initial plan for communication, dissemination and exploitation activities, reviewed and organised the next deliverables which we are going to work on and we agreed on some updates for the Gecko website.

Discussions during the meeting were positive and constructive, the recruitment process is in good shape and the location and dates for the first training activities and the first technical workshop are closed. 

We also decided to organise a virtual welcome meeting for the Doctoral Candidates to be placed the firsts weeks of November.

FEB 23-24, 2023 | GECKO Kick-off Meeting

  • Date: February 23rd-24th, 2023
  • Location: CIMNE-CERCA (Spain)
  • Agenda

On February 23rd-24th GECKO project celebrated the official Kick-off Meeting, which was held in the CIMNE-CERCA premises. The meeting was mainly built up on the operational aspects of the network, the scientific approach, and the network-wide training activities which covered the key areas of the project.

The Project Coordinator and the Work Package Leaders introduced their parts which were followed by discussions on inputs, doubts clarification, and needs regarding each of the aforementioned topics.

Taking into consideration that no aspect or information during the meeting came up as new for any of the partners and discussions were positive and constructive, it can be regarded as a successful first meeting. All in all the reasons and objectives of the kickoff meeting were fulfilled as Work Package Leaders and Task Leaders are fully committed to their tasks.